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Our Engineering Team and Network Technicians focus on quality control, system integrity, and security that meets or exceeds customer expectations on all projects regardless of size.

ELA presents an exceptional depth of on-and-off premise Engineering services for the largest providers in the Telecommunications Infrastructure: 

- We are a qualified, flexible and accommodating partner who understands and achieves desired outcomes.

- We provide skilled technical professionals and engineering services for installation, provisioning, maintenance, replacement, rearrangement and removal of Outside and Inside Plant Facilities.

- We realize the value of your project and are privileged to partner with you.


GuestService - The best solution for managing the flow of visitors.


The system is designed to optimize ordering processes, issuing passes and monitoring guest staff when visiting your building.

Employees awaiting guests order passes through a special Web application without leaving their workplace, and visitors receive a pass simply by attaching a document to the self-service terminal or by entering a PIN code.

In addition, if your company has special working conditions, our system will automatically familiarize guests with the nuances, for example, the safety rules or the evacuation scheme. There is also a function to print a passage plan on paper.

2019 ArcelorMittal. Engineering and design of automation system for new steel furnace.

Our team finished design and engeneering of automation and telecommunication system for the new steel furnace in converter workshop of ArcelorMittal.

2019 President's Office. Telecom center for President of RoK

Design of telecommunication telecommunication center for Country's Heads

2017-2018 Coal Tracking Project - ArcelorMittal Temirtau

ELA developed a hi-end system for automatic monitoring of coal movement between Arcelor's enterprises. We've designed a wagon scales, conveyor scales, skip counting system, wagon numbers recognition, intellectual weighting system.

Also, special analytic software was developed.

2017 Radiation monitoring system in Karabas

Our team finished a project documentation for new automatic warning system of radiation control.

New system will provide a turn-key solution for automatic detection of radiation pollution and for forecasting of future radiation pollution movements.

2016-2017 Global scale wireless network consulting

Our team finished a great work for a part of a project of building Global wireless network between facilities of Kazakhstan Aluminium (Eurasian Resource Group).

We organized an expertise of a project in Government organizations and make a consulting works for legalization of a frequency range.

2016-2017 IT infrastructure of TCO's new Orken Village

We've designed a local network LAN, wireless network, IP phone system, security and IPTV system, automation and MES system for new village at Tengiz oilfield.

This village is more that 1000 persons of stuff capacity.

2016 Video surveillance system design at ArcelorMittal coal mines

ELA designed intelligent IP video surveillance system for 9 coal mines, 3 railroad transport stations and 1 obbage factory of ArcelorMittal.

2015 Design of IT system for 6 new power stations. Siemens for national railroad.

Design of IT system, security system and process control system for Siemens as a general supplier of National Railroads. 

2014 ERG. KazMarganets. Automated fuel usage and storage monitoring system

Development and design of fuel management system for Marganese Production facility.

System for control of diesel from the buying till burning in engines. Anti-theft functions.

Software design, system concept, detailed design of constructions and sensors.

2013-2014 Tele2 Kazakhstan. 3G network grow project

Design of new cellular 3G BTS for Tele2 network.

Site surveys for BTSs placing. TSSR development.

2013 Kazakhmys corp. Akbastau open-pit. Design of open-pit technical infrastructure

Design of all technical systems for open-pit Akbastau (copper and gold production).

- Heavy truck's repair center

- Fueling and fuel storage control

- Vehicles monitoring and dispathing system

- MESH wireless data transmission for all area of facility

- UHF radio network design

- Video surveillance and security system

- HSE monitoring and control

2012 HF Long distance radio network - Board Guard of Kazakhstan

Design of HF (High-Freq) radio network sites for Board Guard.

Design of masts, towers, HF transmitters (1kW), log-periodic antennas.

2012 Ministry of Environment of RoK - Automatic water pollution monitoring system for transborder rivers

Development of fully automated water pollution monitoring system at transboundary rivers. 

5 rivers in Kazakhstan.

Monitoring of 25 parameters in on-line mode.

2011 Mobile Command Center for Atyrau Region Administration

We designed Mobile complex for command and control in Emergency.

Mobile command and control center combines all types of telecommunications and technical solutions for co-ordinate emergency services.

2010-2011 Astana Power Plants 1 & 2. Dispathing, Security and Management system design.

- Design of intelligent video surveillance system. Total - 86 cameras, 2 monitoring centers, 24km of fiber optic lines.

General purpose of system - border security and monitoring of activity.

- Data transfer network design for all of the facilities of Power Plants. Local Area Networ design. 

- Dispathing systems for Power plant 1 and 2.

- IP Telephony system for both plants design.

2009 Agip KCO. Kashagan oilfield. Automatic water pollution monitoring system at offshore oilfield Kashagan

Surveillance and exploration works at Caspian sea for environmantal pollution needs.

Development of global concept for automated monitoring system at Caspian sea, close to D Island.

Design of automated water pollution monitoring system.

2008-2012 Ministry of Emergency - Special Vehicles Development

Design of set of Mobile Command Centers and Mobile Communication Centers for ministry of Emergency. Including:

- Mechanical vehicle part

- Special anti torsion platform (Twist lock frame)

- Shelter and equipment

- Special and telecommunication systems

Regarding ourt design more than 50 vehicles were produced.

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