Design of Structured Cable Networks

ELA designs projects for Structured Cable Networks for civil and industrial facilities for indoor and outdoor use.

We design local networks both on the basis of a cable "twisted pair", and on the basis of a fiber-optic cable.

When designing, we take into account all required network infrastructure, including cabinets, cross equipment, terminated and user equipment.

We have the opportunity to certify the projected network for compliance with international standards.

Design of Voice and Telephone Networks

Design of telephone networks of any complexity.

Analog, digital or IP-PBX. Designing individual solutions for Asterisk.

Designing of Call-Centers.

Development of projects for the dispatching of objects (dispatching communication systems).

Public and industrial warning systems.

Design of Automation Systems, Process Control and MES

Pre-project inspection of process equipment (process) as an automation object.

Revision of existing measuring sensors and actuators.

Development of technical requirements for the creation and implementation of process control systems.

Development of project documentation in accordance.

Development of application software.

Expertise and approval of the project.

Design of Security and Safety Systems

Design of digital (IP) and analog CCTV systems.

Design of perimeter security systems. Integration with video surveillance.

Development of inspection complexes.

Design of access control systems.

Design of security and fire alarm systems.

Design of fire extinguishing systems.

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