WLAN Networks Design

ELA develops of project documentation for wireless communication networks. We will develop a design for WLAN networks for any applications:

  • Wi-Fi networks for use inside and outside buildings.

  • City wireless networks.

  • Industrial wireless data transmission systems.

  • High-tech networks such as MESH, cjdns, etc.

  • Wireless networks for process equipment and control systems, including IoT.

We will develop all the details of your project on wireless communication, including:

  • Calculation of energy, coverage areas, calculation of the Fresnel Zones, etc.

  • Calculation and planning of the load on the network, selection of the backup mode.

  • Selection of equipment, including calculation and planning of antennas, feeders and other passive equipment.

  • Development of the necessary infrastructure: power supply of objects, towers, masts, etc.

  • Development of all necessary drawings.

  • Government approval and expertise, if necessary.

HF, VHF and UHF networks design

ELA develops projects and other documentation for the creating of mobile networks VHF and HF bands. We work with all known standards and systems and can prepare for you:

  • VHF radio networks, including digital, analog and hybrid standards. We will design the project on any radio network: Conventional, MPT1327, EDACS, TETRA, Tetrapol, iDEN, DMR, IDAS Trunk, APCO 25 and others.

  • Designs of radio networks of special use, including underground radiocommunication systems based on a radiating cable.

  • Projects of industrial radio networks.

  • Designing of encrypted radio communication and systems using FHSS.

  • Design of monitoring systems for radio and direction finding. Also systems of intelligence jamming.

  • Designing of HF radio communication systems, including stationary, mobile and portable systems. Development of various types of antennas: log-periodic, dipole, Zenit, omni, etc.

  • Selection and calculation of passive equipment - combiners, splitters, duplexers, antenna-feeder accessories.

Mast and towers design. Additional infrastructure design.

We develop project documentation for the construction of all necessary infrastructure for the non-stop and safe operation of radio systems, including:

  • Designing of masts, towers, supports of various complexity and purpose. Development of complete structures - obstruction lights, lifting mechanisms, special operating conditions, etc.

  • Designing of life support systems for objects - shelters, block-boxes, containers; Air conditioning and ventilation systems, Security and anti-vandal protection systems, Fences, Foundations, etc.

  • Designing of power supply of objects.

  • Designing of grounding and lightning protection systems.

Wireless access design

Design of communication systems such as the last mile.

Design of wireless connections based on microwave links.

Design of subscriber radio access networks.

Design a land segment of satellite networks.

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